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All eyes are on Gwadar, ever since the port has been handed over to the Chinese. Today, Gwadar is considered to be the safest place to invest with highest possible return on investment potential. There is serious buying and selling spree of properties between the investors. However, for a regular person, the decision becomes very difficult, who neither has time nor has the expertise to buy and sell at right moment. Let us present you a brilliant option, both for novice and expert investor! Savaira City is a real wstate project in Gwadar City of Pakistan, being developed by Savaira City Developers & Builders. Gwadar is a deep seaport. Due to its of the great strategic importance, the Pakistan & Chinese government have joined hands to develop it into the Hong Kong & Dubai of future. In a recent visit to China, the Pakistani Premier announced the Gwadar has the potential to effect around 3 Billion people worldwide. Within this important place, Savaira City is a unique project that is spread over an area of 172 acres!
Although Savaira is a housing project, it is the only approved project in which Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) has allowed to have 40% of Commercial land (normal ratio is 4-5%). The reason for this high ratio is the base of Savaira City which is pure rock that makes it a natural home for high rise building of at least 40 storeys.