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Marine Homes





Marine homes Gwadar are an elite residential & commercial complex undertaking by Marine builders & Developers on Gwadar top notch 300 feet marine drive way. A unique scheme to cater all the possible call for residential and commercialcomplex in Gwadar, presenting ideal glory life-style in majestically serene splendor of a natural blends delicately with sophisticated modern living facilities.
There is an Education Zone, a Community Center, a Disney Land, play ground/ park and graveyard widen over area of 9 acres. There is a Health Zone with one world standard hospital. Separate land for Masjids, schools and community centers in the sectors. Main boulevards will be of 300′ feet widegoes around the whole of the smart city. Minimum street size is 50 feet.

Best For:

  • Shopping Mall
  • Plaza
  • Banks/Offices
  • Trading Companies