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  1. Govt of Pakistan, Pakistan Army and Gwadar development authority is fully committed to develop Gwadar as one of modern cites of Pakistan, with all basics amenities and modern in infra structure to make Gwadar as world best trade and finance center at the fast track speed.
  2. Gwadar port is presently operational by the grace of Almighty GOD, prices of all type of land is increasing rapidly the development of all sort of in infra structure in including housing and industrial schemes presently is being developed at very fast pace.
  3. It in high time to invest more in Gwadar, keeping in view of future potential business, life style and leisure.
  4. Gwadar was designated as winter capital of Baluchistan province due to peculiar climatic conditions.
  5. Gwadar will be more beautiful than any city of the world because it will be the business centre of the world businessmen.
  6. Gwadar development authority main focus on the fast track construction of roads, other infrastructure, facilities, services and public building, industrial park, housing schemes, hotels and tourist resort.
  7. Gwadar declared as a duty free port and tax free zone, hence more chances of profit and investment.
  8. Gwadar will embrace the hyper modern life style of dazzling Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  9. Gwadar offers promise to contribute significantly in the prosperity of the entire region around it.
  10. With passage of time and rapid development taking place in Gwadar the prices of land is increasing day by day. Now it is high time for investor and business man to invest further in Gwadar, it would be paradise for them.
  11. Gwadar gas supply pilot project recently completed.
  12. Gwadar to be connected with national Grid, Gwadar industrial Grid of 132KV is under completion at fast track.
  13. Water treatment and de-salivation plant of 20 million capacities for Gwadar industrial estate, 90% of the work completed on this project.
  14. Chinese international school under construction
  15. Gwadar development authority had completed the work on the following building in Gwadar, details as under along with photographs.
  16. District and provincial offices complex.
  17. Gorab housing scheme for fishermen.
  18. GDA model school building.
  19. GDA model school teacher residency.
  20. GDA central Park.
  21. GDA sports complex stadium.
  22. GDA offices block no 2.
  23. 50 Beds hospital with admin block and OPD 1st phase completed.
  24. Hospital doctors residency.
  25. Civic centre and secretariat.
  26. Roads construction including highways and internal roads are being completed at very fast track and high priority. (List of the roads and other buildings on which the work in progress is a attached along with photographs.)
  27. Nine internal roads app 200 km all types completed.
  28. Makran costal highway 653 km linking Gwadar with Karachi via Pasni and Ormoro completed.
  29. Motorway M-8 linking Gwadar with Ratodero in Sindh province via Hoshab, Awaran, Khuzdar and Turbat an on wards with rest of motorway completed. 820 km.
  30. Work on the expansion and upgrading of Karakorum highway is all so under progress so as to improve all weather traffic ability of KKH.
  31. Work on china – Pakistan economic corridor road linking from Gwadar to Kashgar 850km, up till now 500km had been completed by FWO. Work under progress at top speed and priority.
  32. The Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan is upgrading Gwadar airport to New Gwadar International Airport with international standard of services and facilities.
  33. China is setting up a dry port at the Pakistan- china border to take advantage of shorter route to sea through Gwadar, the same is under development.
  34. The Gwadar Development authority in the Gwadar Master Plan had given incentives to investors and Businessmen as below:
  • Economic Free Zone
  • Subsidized Electricity


  1. Gwadar will be made a weapon free city, where special arrangements would be made for the maintenance of law and order.
  2. Special measures will be taken for the Security of Chinese, Pakistani investors, engineers and experts working on different projects in the port city.
  3. Security of Gwadar and its surrounding areas is taken by Pakistan Army.
  4. Pakistan Army troops have established check posts at all entry and exit points of Gwadar Town.
  5. Social sectors to be developed maximum facilities would be provided to local people and measures would be taken for improving their standard of living.
  6. Residence cards to be issued to local people of Gwadar, people coming to the city from other areas would have to register their names at entry points.
  7. Record of entry and exit points be maintained so as check any illegal and unlawful entry So as to fool proof security system for the whole of Gwadar.
  8. Pakistan Army troops alongwith police and civil administration to be responsible for all the security, safety and law & order of the Gwadar city.

The above actions and plan are taken so that the development of Gwadar, industrial, commercial and housing societies developed at fast track speed without any hindrance and fear.