Gwadar - Progress towards the Trade Giant -


Gwadar – Progress towards the Trade Giant

Every day welcomes a next step in development of Gwadar promising the rise of the next Trade Giant. The whole world has its eyes on it, waiting whether Gwadar would deliver the promise or would wind up a failure. On one hand indigenous problems, regional instability, tough competition and internal affecting affairs of Pakistan bring doubts in one’s mind – Then the constant progress and especially China’s influence assures that “Gwadar will happen”.
$62 billion is the approximate amount that china has aided and invested in the energy and infrastructure projects in CPEC. With such a handsome sum, there’s rapid progress in creation of Gwadar as a centerpiece of Trade in the region. The Gwadar is to pave the road that links the Kashgar, landlocked city of China to Arabian Sea. Gwadar Port is meant to provide a best-fit solution for oil and gas shipment.

Taking the note from the opinion of Baluchistan Chief Secretary Aurangzeb Haq on 18th Oct 2017 when he said that once the master plan of Gwadar is implemented, Gwadar will stand as the World’s most modern city.
The buzz isn’t only in the international news, the local real estate investors have shown such an extensive interest as well. The Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) has workout to ensure the that all the commercial and residential real estate projects abide by their effective policies. Whereas, on 27th Sep, 2017 the Navy chief broke ground for Navy headquarters in Gwadar – displaying the seriousness of Pakistani Forces to establish peace in the region.

These efforts, by the both partners of CPEC – China and Pakistan, will make this dream come true and in coming decade Gwadar won’t only be the next most exquisite city on the world’s map yet also will be the Top player in world Trade.

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