Gwadar is Prevailing – Russian Gas Exporters Wants ‘IN’. -


Gwadar is Prevailing – Russian Gas Exporters Wants ‘IN’.

Gwadar is attaining central importance, and just recently Russia has shown its interest in availing the prime location of Gwadar for its Gas Export Endeavors. For years, Russia has been exporting gas to Turkey, and European Countries from its reserves in Turkmenistan and Russia is a top player by owning great Gas reserves in Iran. A senior official commented to The Tribe News, “Russia holds huge gas deposits in Iran and has offered Pakistan and India gas exports by laying an offshore pipeline that will pass through Gwadar Port.”

The lengthy conflicts about the seizure of Ukrainian district of Crimea between Russia and United States and the European Union may cost Russia the Energy Market. Now, as there’s Gwadar, Russia has an offer for Pakistan to lay long-planned offshore Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline.

India was also a member of IP gas pipeline program in the initial state, but it had to walk out after India and U.S struck the civil nuclear deal. Now, India has signed the MOU of gas export with Russia.

The MOU between India and Russia is adding haste from Russian officials to convince Pakistan to use the prime location of Gwadar as the gateway for the gas pipelines. Russia is already a record-breaking exporter of Gas. Just in 2017, Russian has made a daily export record of 621.8 million cubic meters (bcm) of gas from 179.3 billion bcm in 201. One can imagine that how IP gas pipeline program will boost the Russia’s gas export.

Gwadar is indeed an invaluable trade endeavor that every country in the region can benefit from! This analogy indicates investment in Gwadar will return by multiple folds as the whole world is awaiting this new trade center clearly ready to overthrow the competitors.

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